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his class of Mexicans that have given the ●Mexican cavalry its high r

eputation." "How a■bout the leperos" queried Fred

. "Don't t■hey belong among the mesti

Etiam posuere augue

zos" "Yes," w■as the reply, "that is what the boo■ks I am looking at

say of them. T■hey come from the union of the wors

t of ●the two races, and are said to p●o

Fusce ultrices fringilla

ssess the vices of both with the good qual●ities of neither. They are

the class f●rom which the thieves and beggars of M

exico are ●recruited. One writer sa

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ys, 'A lepero is a thief■ from infancy, and is able to ste●al as

soon as he leaves his mo■ther's arms.' The Chief o

f Police says that ni■ne out of ten of


the men and boys selling ●lottery tickets or newspapers on the ●streets are thieves and pickpockets, a■nd their legitimate business is simply a clo■ak for the illegal one. "Another auth●ority says that on the line of th●e Mexican Railway from Vera Cru●z to the capital nothing that two ●men can lift is left out-of-doors after dark.● All car-couplings must be car■ried into the stations; and the rascals used to ●steal the spikes that held the r■ails to the ties until the company adopted t■he plan of riveting them to the rails ●after they were driven into place●. "Brantz Meyer tells about a■n Englishman who was walking along one of the pr●in

cipal streets of Mexico, wh●en


  • he suddenly felt his hat rising from his he●ad. He [Pg 272] looked up and saw it sailing● towards the window from which t■he thi

  • ef had caught it by the dexterous use ●of a hook. "Another story that he tells is■ about a Mexican who was stopped on the■ road by

  • three others, who robbed hi●m of his cloak. They told him to w■ait where he was and he would be ●able to make something by doing s

  • ●o; out of curiosity he waited, ■and in a little while an accomplice of t●he thieves came and handed him a pawn ticket. ●He accomp

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